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Regardless of your Jewish spiritual background, these books for children and adults by Sholom Morgan provide an organized and detailed approach to a Jewish lifestyle, and comprehensive instructions for practical Jewish living. Every page contains a great wealth of inspiring, meaningful and timeless lessons. You would have to read several books to get the same amount of information found in just one volume.

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In this series are four outstanding books about Judaism. Each book targets a specific age group. Three of the books are about the ‘mitzvoth,’ Biblical commandments. One book is for adults, another is for high school students and the third for elementary school students. The fourth book is about the Jewish holidays and is intended for children, although adults like it, too. Comprehension exercises and fun activities are included with each book.   These fully-illustrated books provide an inspirational, in-depth and hands-on exploration of the ritual and social aspects of the Jewish faith. The books are intended to be read and used by individuals, families, Jewish institutions, JCC’s, libraries, Jewish schools, classrooms, synagogues, temples, junior congregations, afternoon Hebrew schools, and any locations where Jews congregate.

About the Author

Sholom Morgan

Shalom! My name is Sholom Morgan. I have been a mechanech (Jewish studies teacher) for more than 50 years. In that span, I have taught Judaic subjects and the Jewish way of life to children of all ages as well as adults.

Why did I write these books?


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