Have You Been Jewish Today? Adult Edition

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An engaging, inspirational, in-depth exploration of Judaism for adults. This three-volume set contains detailed information about Jewish morals, ethics, and rituals. Jews from all backgrounds as well as prospective converts will find this book fascinating, useful and a good resource.  To enhance the learning experience, the book includes comprehension exercises and hands-on activities. Hebrew words are transliterated and explained.




Because of a lack of proper education, many Jews have only a vague notion about their ancient faith. They are yearning to return to their Jewish roots. The objective of the inspiring and fully illustrated book “Have You have Been Jewish Today — Adult Edition” is to enable adult Jews to love, appreciate and practice their 3,300-year-old religion. Prospective converts will also find the book useful and informative.

Included are such contemporary issues as explanations of the Biblical commandments; sexual orientation, same-sex marriage; family life; a comparison of Judaism with other major religions; kashrut (keeping kosher); proper Shabbat (Sabbath) and Jewish holiday observance; Jewish social skills; rituals; and much more. Hebrew words are transliterated and explained. It is well written, fully illustrated, and includes a detailed English and Hebrew index. Comprehension exercises and hands-on activities make learning enjoyable. The book is composed of three volumes.

Book Specifications:

  • All books 8.5×11 – Text and photos black and white
  • Full-color cover – Perfect binding
  • Volume 1 – 404 pages
  • Volume 2 – 392 pages
  • Volume 3 – 260 pages

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