Have You Been Jewish Today? Elementary School Students

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Elementary school students are exposed to massive amounts of information which is designed to carry them through life. This book explores the fascinating world of Judaism. It features detailed, easy to read information about Judaism that is designed to inspire them to live a Jewish lifestyle. Hebrew words are transliterated and explained. Each set is two volumes of text and one workbook.

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Young children are exposed to much information in their formative years. Many experts agree that violence and abnormal conduct is to some extent the result of a lack of proper education and learned social skills. This is especially true of Jewish children whose parents are required to instruct them in Jewish morals, ethics, and rituals. The easy-to-read and beautifully illustrated elementary school edition of “Have You been Jewish Today?” fills this need.

Jewish studies teachers often find it difficult to devise “laws and customs” curriculum. This book is designed to fill this need as well.

The books include explanations of the Biblical commandments; practical Jewish social skills, morals, and ethics; Jewish ritual observance; and much more. They are designed to instill a love of Judaism and Jewish practice in young Jews.

The book consists of two volumes of text and a single volume workbook, which feature comprehension exercises and hands-on activities. All Hebrew words are transliterated and explained.


  • All books 8.5×11 – Text and photos black and white
  • Full-color cover – 2 volumes, Perfect binding
  • Work Book, Spiral binding
  • Volume 1 – 442 pages
  • Volume 2 – 432 pages
  • Volume 3 – 360-page workbook


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