Have You Been Jewish Today? High School Edition

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This book enables Jewish high school students to achieve Jewish literacy that will last a lifetime. Written specifically for high school students, the book is a comprehensive guide to Jewish rituals and human relations relevant to their daily life, and also deals extensively with contemporary issues. Hebrew words are transliterated and explained. Each set is three volumes.



Jewish high school students need a good Jewish education not only for Judaism to continue to survive but to thrive. In addition, the high school years are often challenging socially, spiritually and emotionally.

Regardless of the level of Jewish observance, the high school edition of “Have You been Jewish Today?” is intended to show high school students the proper Jewish way of living. Whether the book is used in a classroom or the student reads it on his/her own, the information gleaned from the book will last a lifetime! Included are such contemporary issues as explanations of the Biblical commandments; a comparison of Judaism with other major religions; kashrut (keeping kosher); proper Shabbat (Sabbath) and Jewish holiday observance; Jewish social skills; rituals; defining and dealing with assimilation and intermarriage; and much more.

The book is well written and fully illustrated and includes a detailed English and Hebrew index and many hands-on activities. The book is three volumes.


  • All books 8.5×11 – Text and photos black and white
  • Full-color cover – 2 volumes, Perfect binding
  • Work Book, Spiral binding
  • Volume 1 – 400 pages
  • Volume 2 – 394 pages
  • Volume 3 – 210 pages

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