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Jewish Holidays and Fast Days for Jewish Children

This fully illustrated book enhances the Jewish holiday and fast day experience by fully explaining their meaning, observances, rituals, and history in a language that children of all ages can understand. Included are the major as well as the lesser known holidays and fast days. Each set consists of one volume of text and one workbook.

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Parents and Judaic studies teachers will find a plethora of books for Jewish children about individual Jewish holidays, or books in which a cursory explanation of each holiday is given.

“Jewish Holidays and Fast Days for Jewish Children” is unique in that the history, laws, customs, and observances of each Jewish holiday and fast day is explained in detail all in one place. Included are holidays, fast days and observances which are well known (e.g., Rosh Hashana, Purim, Chanuka) as well as those that are not (e.g., BaHaB).

Written for young Jewish children, the book is fully illustrated and contains many comprehension questions and hands-on activities. Children are encouraged to enjoy, appreciate and practice the Jewish holidays — and this book will teach them how! The book consists of one volume of text and a single volume workbook.



  • All books 8.5×11 – Text and photos black and white
  • Full-color cover – Volume 1, Perfect binding
  • Volume 2 – Spiral binding
  • Volume 1 – 448 pages
  • Volume 2 – 242 pages


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